Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss: Female Specific Guide

Written by Carina Fabia

Last updated on: Sep 17, 2022

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Weight loss is a common goal. Choosing the right protein powder to support you when trying to lose weight can make a big difference in your success. There is not a one size fit all protein powder to support weight loss. Rather there are protein supplements to support women of different lifestyles. The needs of a female professional athlete will differ from the needs of a women with a full-time office based job.

Below we have analysed some of the best protein powders for women trying to lose weight. In this analysis, we have looked at a range of factors including; protein content, calorie count, flavor, quality of ingredients, and essential amino acid levels. To help you find the right protein powder for your weight loss journey we have compiled a “Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss: Female Specific Guide” listing the top 5 protein powders on the market. Read on to find out more...

Our Best Rated Protein Powder For Weight Loss: Female Specific Guide List

1. Future Kind Vegan Protein : Best Protein Shake For Weight Loss

We believe Future Kind’s Vegan Protein is the leader out of protein powders which support women trying to lose weight and enhance their overall health. This protein powder uses organic ingredients with its primary source being organic yellow peas. These peas are non-GMO and are grown to the highest possible standards on American farms. What sets this plant based protein powder apart is the addition of ingredients which provide a host of health benefits. These ingredients are hemp, chia and Sacha Inchi seeds. They provide a host of essential fatty acids, antioxidants and fiber. This is how your overall health is enhanced by Future Kind Vegan Protein.

Another benefit of these added ingredients is the high methionine content of hemp protein. Pea protein powder does contain all the essential amino acids but is low in methionine. The combination of hemp with pea allows for this protein powder to have a complete amino acid profile.

Further benefits of this powder are the high levels of iron which it contains. One serving of this supplement contains 8.1mg of iron. This is 45% of your recommended daily allowance. Considering iron deficiency is the most common nutritional disorder affecting about 20-25% of the world's population, predominantly children and women (1). A supplement so rich in iron is an extremely convenient way to top up irons levels.

Each serving of Future Kind Vegan Protein contains 20g of protein, 0g of sugar, 2g of fat and 4g of carbohydrates with just 120 calories. Although this protein level is a little bit lower than some other supplements. Research has found the effect of satiety does not increase when more protein than 20g is taken (11). The inclusion of pea protein as the main protein source has an interesting benefit with research finding pea protein showed a stronger effect on suppressing food intake compared to whey when consumed as a preload (12). This suggests the protein content and the main protein source of this supplement will give you every advantage when it comes to controlling satiety.

This supplement was created by two Australian nutritionists who wanted to create a protein powder which was clean, sustainable and vegan. The attention to detail they have put into achieving this is admirable. From the high quality ingredients used in the supplement through to the eco-friendly packaging, carbon neutral shipping and animal sanctuary donations. Future Kind really go the extra mile to fulfil their values whilst offering a premium protein powder at a reasonable price.

Read a complete review of Future Kind Vegan Protein here.

Future Kind Vegan Protein Ingredients

Organic Pea Protein Isolate: This protein powder uses organic American yellow split peas. The protein is isolated from the yellow split peas. Both the starch and fibre is removed. The result is a low number of lectins, no sugar and no saturates. The isolated pea protein content is typically around 75%. This supplement has a slightly lower protein content of 67% due to added ingredeints, however this is more than compensated with a full amino acid profile. And the added ingredients pack full of benefits. Research has found pea protein isolate to be similar to whey when it comes to promoting strength, performance, body composition, and muscular adaptations (2).

Organic Hemp Protein (Chocolate Flavor Only): This is a raw organic protein source and undergoes very little manufacturing. The hemp seeds are collected then ground into a fine brownish-green powder. This removes around 90% of the seeds oil content. The protein content of hemp is approximately 50%. 91-98% of hemp seed is digestible and it contains high levels of dietary fiber, unsaturated fats and antioxidants (3).

Alkalized Cocoa Powder (Chocolate Flavour Only): The benefit of using alkalized cocoa powder is it allows for improved solubility. This allows for it to dissolve more easily in liquid making for a smoother protein shake. Being alkalized also allows for a taste which is less bitter and acidic. The result is a more balanced chocolate flavour.

Sacha Inchi Protein (Chocolate Flavour Only): Sacha inchi is a fruit which produces geometric, star-shaped pods which contain large, edible seeds. These seeds are loaded with nutrients and provide several benefits. It is high in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, magnesium, fibre, calcium and vitamin A and vitamin E. Sacha inchi typically contains 30g of protein per serving.

Milled Chia Seed (Chocolate Flavour Only): These seeds are high in fibre and omega-3 fatty acids. They also contain high levels of antioxidants and fibre. Studies have found chia seeds increase omega 3 bloods levels and improve blood sugar control (45).

Organic Stevia Leaf Extract (Rebaudioside A):  Stevia is promoted as a safe and healthy alternative to sugar. It is used to sweeten foods whilst avoiding the negative health effects linked to refined sugar. In comparison to sugar, stevia offers lower calories and reduced blood sugar levels (6).

Organic Guar Gum: Guar gum is used to thicken and stabilise food products. It is also associated with some health benefits in including assisting with digestion, weight management, controlling blood sugar and cholesterol levels (78910)

How Future Kind Vegan Protein Works

• Assists With Weight Reduction: Protein has been proven to increase satiety. With a dosage of 20g or higher giving maximum results. This is useful if trying to lose weight as feeling fuller will help you maintain a calorie deficit and reduce the probability of binge eating. Research has found taking pea protein powder provides a stronger effect on supressing food intake when taken as a pre-load when compares to other types of protein powder.

• Naturally Rich In Iron: This supplement is naturally rich in iron due to pea isolate having a high iron content. One “Future Kind Vegan Protein” shake contains 8.1mg of iron. For post-menopausal women, the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) is 8 grams meaning just one shake gives enough iron for a day. For pre-menopausal women, the RDA is 19 grams meaning one shakes gives 44.4% of this allowance. These high irons levels also make pea protein an interesting supplement for any individual with an iron deficiency as research has found it to be a promising encapsulating matrix for the controlled release of iron.

• Complete Amino Acid Profile: The main protein source of "Future Kind Vegan Protein" is pea protein isolate. However, it is supported by other sources of protein; hemp, chia and Sacha inchi. This gives a rounded amino acid profile as pea is low in one of the essential amino acids; methionine.

• Added Ingredients Bring Extra Health Benefits: Hemp, chia and Sacha inchi bring other benefits other than complementing pea isolates amino acid profile. They enhance this supplement with dietary fibre, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

How To Take Future Kind Vegan Protein

Future Kind Vegan Protein should be taken as a supplement to a healthy diet. It is recommended to take 1 or 2 protein shakes a day, depending on your own personal protein requirements. Normally 1 of these shakes will be taken before or after a workout. To take this plant based protein powder simply mix 1 30g scoop with 12 ounces of water or a non-dairy liquid. Future Kind recommend unsweetened almond milk as the best alternative to water.


• Organic Yellow Pea Protein Isolate

• Complete Amino Acid Profile

• Premium Ingredients

• High Iron Levels To Support Overall Health

• Contains Antioxidants, Fibre and Essential Fatty Acids

• Eco-Friendly Bottle Made From 100% Recycled Material

• Easily Digested Clean Formula

• Tastes Good And Mixes Well

• Gluten Free

• Independently Tested By 3rd Party

• Suitable For Those Following A Vegan Diet


• Slightly Lower Protein Content Due To Added Ingredients To Promote Overall Health. But At 20g Still Promotes Maximum Satiety

Customer Reviews

Future Kind Vegan Protein has a wealth of postive feedback. Both the chocolate and vanilla flavours of this protein powder have been described by happy customers as the best plant based protein powder they have tried. Most reviews comment specifically on the high protein-low carbohydrate content, taste, the smoothness of the shake and how it causes no digestive issues.

2. Xwerks Grow : Best For Athletes And Toning

Xwerks Grow is a high quality protein powder to support female weight loss. If athletic performance, strength and lean muscle preservation are important to you, this is the powder we recommend. This grass-fed raw whey protein is produced from cattle farmed in New Zealand. As the protein source is whey it contains all of the amino acids considered essential. This supplement makes use of a small batch protein formula which contains only whey protein isolate and is not blended with lower quality varieties of whey. The micro-filtration process to transform the raw grass fed whey into whey isolate preserves important biological nutrients. It also removes unwanted fats and carbohydrates including lactose. The result is 25g of protein and 6g of BCAA’s packed into a supplement with just 110 calories. With just 1g of carbohydrate per serving this protein powder is ideal for anyone following a keto diet. It is available in 4 flavors; vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter and strawberry.

Xwerks Grow Ingredients

Grass Fed Raw Whey Protein Isolate: The raw whey used in this supplement is sourced from naturally raised grass-fed cows. These cows naturally graze on the countryside of New Zealand. New Zealand is one of the strictest countries in the world when it comes to dairy quality. This means no hormones, antibiotics or pesticides can be passed on to you when you drink this supplement. Additionally, raw whey is rich in protein substances, called native micro fractions. These include; alpha lactalbumin, beta-lactoglobulin, glycomacropeptide, immunoglobulins, serum albumin, lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase. This raw whey is micro-filtered to remove extra carbohydrate, fat and lactose. The end result is whey protein isolate.

Natural Flavoring: Xwerks Grow is flavored with natural ingredients. The type of flavoring used will vary between flavors. For Chocolate, cocoa bean is used. For Vanilla, vanilla bean is used. For Peanut Butter, a combination of both peanut butter powder and cocoa bean is used

Xanthan Gum: This is an additive made when sugar is fermented by a type of bacteria. It’s a soluble fiber and is commonly used to thicken or stabilize supplements. The source of the sugar used in the production of this gum can vary. It can be from wheat, corn, soy or dairy which means those with allergies may want to consult with a medical professional before taking any food sources containing Xanthan gum.

Stevia: This is a natural alternative to sugar. It is used to sweeten foods whilst avoiding the negative health effects linked to refined sugar. The benefit of stevia compared to sugar is it offers lower calories and reduced blood sugar levels.

How To Take Xwerks Grow

Xwerks Grow should be taken as a supplement to a healthy diet. It is recommended to take 1 or 2 protein shakes a day, depending on your own personal protein requirements. Normally 1 of these shakes will be taken before or after a workout. To take the powder simply mix 1 30g scoop with 6-8 ounces of water or a beverage of your choice.


• High Quality Protein Source (Grass Fed Raw Whey)

• Just 110 Calories Per Serving with 25g of Protein and 6g BCAA’s

• Perfect For Athletes And Fitness Enthusiasts Wanting To Preserve Muscle As They Lose Weight

• Complete Protein Source

• Micro Filtered To Reduce Lactose

• Just 1g of Carbohydrates


• No Additional Ingredients To Support Overall Health

• May Taste Bland To People Used To Sweeter Supplements

Customer Reviews

Xwerks Grow has enormously positive feedback with happy customers commenting on its nutritional profile. How they feel their workout performance has improved. And how it tastes great with the quality of ingredients being noticeable from the first sip.

3. BPI Best Protein : Amazing Taste

BPI's Best Protein is a great supplement for those looking to lose weight. Similar to Xwerks Grow this is a good choice of protein powder for athletes with 24 grams of protein and 5.2 g of branched chain amino acids per serving. The main reason we rank this powder below Xwerks Grow for reducing weight is it has slightly more calories with 120 per serving (it must be noted this calorie count is still great for weight loss). This protein powder can help women looking to lose weight as it has zero trans fat, low levels of carbohydrates and sugar. The protein content of this powder comes from 4 different sources; whey protein isolate, whey concentrate, milk protein isolate and whey hydrolysate.

A huge positive of this protein powder is it tastes exceptionally good in all 3 flavors: chocolate brownie, vanilla swirl and cookies & cream. If taste is your primary concern this may be the best protein powder to support when trying to lose weight.

How To Take BPI Best Protein

To take this protein powder mix 1 32g scoop with 5-6 ounces of water or the beverage of your choice. This supplement is best used pre-workout, post-workout or as a meal replacement. Shake, blend or stir this powder into the beverage of your choice until it is smooth. We found shaking this supplement in a shaker resulted in a smooth texture after just 10 seconds.


• Tastes Great.

• 24g of Protein and 5.2g of BCAA's.

• Zero Trans Fats, Low In Carbohydrates And Sugar.

• Excellent Choice For Athletes And Fitness Enthusiasts.

• Complete Protein Source.


• There Are Alternative Protein Powders With Less Calories And A Similar Nutritional Profile.

• Contains Sucralose, Soy And Milk (for those with allergies).

• No Additional Ingredients To Support Overall Health.

Customer Reviews

This protein powder has a lot of positive reviews. The feedback revolves around the great taste and the results people are getting with this supplement. The less positive feedback indicates the texture may be thicker compared to some protein powders. However, it is testament to the flavoring, even these reviews comment on the great taste of this protein powder.

4. Naked Whey : Best Unflavored Powder

Naked Whey is a grass-fed whey protein powder which can help women lose weight. The stand out features of this supplement are the whey is sourced from small Californian dairy farms with cows which are raised without growth hormones. This supplement is completely free of additives and fillers.

Packed with 25 grams of protein and 5.9 grams of branched-chain amino acids, this protien powder is suitable for both athletes and everyday women looking to lose weight. We only recommend this product to help with losing weight if you take it in the unflavored form as with flavoring the calorie count increases from 120 calories up to 150-160 calories per serving. The exception to this is for athletes or people following intense training programs, where these extra calories would not be an issue.

If you need flavoring in your protein powder Naked Whey is probably not a good choice for you. Although it has an excellent nutritional profile and calorie count, the taste of this powder may not be for you. However, if you are looking for a protein powder without unnecessary flavoring and additives Naked Whey is one of the leading powders for weight loss.

Naked Nutrition was founded by former All-American cross country and track athlete Stephen Zieminski. The reason he decided to start the company was he found many other protein powders contained ingredients which offered little nutritional value. He believed people trying to live a healthy lifestyle were being marketed health by supplement companies when in fact this was not the case.

The premise of Naked Nutrition was to allow the customer to control the flavor and the nutrition they have from the supplement. This is done by offering each supplement unflavored and with flavor given the customer the choice if they want to add flavoring. Or to keep the supplement in the most natural state possible.

How To Take Naked Whey Protein Powder

Naked Whey is designed as protein supplementation for a healthy diet. It can be consumed in shakes, smoothies and baked into recipes. Naked Nutrition advise to use their protein powder in the morning, before or after a workout.

Each serving consists of two scoops and is advised to be mixed with 6 to 10 ounces of water or the beverage of your choice. Fruit and vegetables are advised to be added to provide flavor if the unflavored variety of this protein powder is used.


• One Of The Purest Whey Protein Powders On The Market

• 25 grams of Protein and 5.9 grams of BCAA's

• Grass Fed Whey From Hormone Free Californian Cattle 

• Completely Free Of Additives And Fillers

• The Best Tasting Unflavored Whey On The Market


• If Flavoring Is Required Calorie Count Jumps to 150-160 Per Serving

• Unflavored Naked Whey Has Just 120 Calories But The Taste Is Not For Everyone

• No Added Ingredients To Support Overall Health

• Some People Have Reported Mixability Issues When A Blender Is Not Used

Customer Reviews

Unflavored Naked Whey has many happy customers. With praise for a clean taste, lack of artificial ingredients, boosted energy levels and enhanced recovery. The only negative feedback we found was some people found the mixability and taste to not be to their liking.

5. Promix Whey Isolate

Promix Whey Isolate is fantastic grass-fed whey protein powder. This supplement packs in a huge 31 grams of protein and 6.8 grams  of BCAA's. It contains just 1g of saturated fat and is complete free of trans fats. Due to being micro filtered this powder also contains less than 1g of lactose. This is one of the best protein powders on the market and the only reason it is not higher on our list here is it's flavored variety contains 160 calories per serving. And it's unflavored variety contains 130 calories which makes it have a slightly higher calorie count than Naked Whey's unflavored protein powder. The high calorie count of the flavored protein powder makes it only really suitable for supporting the weight loss goals of athletes and those training intensely on a regular basis.

Promix was founded by Albert Matheny. He is a registered dietitian who consults with all types of athletes from Olympic Gold medallists through to athletes at the high-school level. He founded Promix after being unable to find supplements with quality ingredients with science backed evidence for performance and safety.

How To Take Promix Whey Isolate Protein Powder

Promix Whey Isolate is protein supplementation to be used in combination with a healthy diet. It should be used as a post-workout protein shake, with smoothies, in baking or as shake between meals to meet protein intake goals. A serving is 2 scoops of powder totalling 42g with 30g of high quality protein. It is advised to mix these scoops with 12-16 fluid ounces of water or a milk. Once added to the liquid of your choice you should blend shake or stir the mix until it is dissolved. This should take approximately 30 seconds.


• Grass Fed Irish Whey Protein Isolate

• 31g of Protein And 6.8g of BCAA's

• Zero Trans or Unsaturated Fats

• Naturally Contains L-Carnitine and Lactoferrin

• No Artificial Sweeteners Or Flavouring

• Great For Supporting Weight Loss When Combined With Intense Training


• 160 Calories Per Serving If Flavored (only suitable for weight loss when combined with intense training)

• Reports Of Flavor Inconsistencies (this is a common with grass-fed whey)

• Issues Have Been Reported When Mixing With Water Without A Blender

• Can Be Hard To Get Flavor Or Size You Want Because Of Stock Issues.

• No Added Ingredients To Support Health

Customer Reviews

Promix Whey Isolate has a loyal following. Reviews praise the high quality ingredients, digestibility and the satiety promoted by the protein powder. The few complaints about this protein powder are it's mixability with water and it's flavoring varying between batches. It must be noted variation between batches of grass fed whey protein powders is a common problem not unique to Promix.

Summary of The Best Protein Powders For Female Weight Loss

We hope you have found this review of our top 5 protein powders for women wanting to lose weight helpful. We have found each of these 5 supplements to be of a very high standard. For most people, we recommend Future Kind Vegan Protein as the best protein powder for female weight loss. We believe it to be the protein powder for women with the best overall nutritional profile to aid with weight loss. This plant based protein powder contains 20 grams of protein which research has found to be sufficient to promote satiety. It has pea isolate as its main protein source which has been found to suppress appetite more effectively than other protein. It also has a high iron content with the additional benefit of ingredients packed with essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and fiber.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Protein Powders Help Weight Loss?

The main way protein powders can help is by promoting satiety. Satiety means to make you feel more full. Research has found a serving of 20g or more is the optimal dosage to maximise satiety. This reduces the probabilty of binge eating. This is important as consuming less calories than you burn is the most important factor in losing body weight. Protein powders help promote satiety making it easier for you to maintain a calorie deficit.

Can You Drink Protein Powders And Not Workout To Lose Weight?

Yes, it is not necessary to workout when taking a protein powder to lose weight. To lose body weight you need to maintain a calorie deficit. Taking extra protein with a shake can help you do this by increasing satiety. For best results you should make sure your supplement has at least 20g of protein. Supplements can also be used as a meal replacement. This is a convenient way to control your calorie intake as it is easy to calculate how many calories are in a shake. However, supplementation is meant to be used to complement, not replace a healthy diet.

Do Some Protein Powders Promote Satiety More Than Others?

All protein powders will promote satiety. However, some research has found pea and casein protein are more effective at suppressing appetite when used as a pre load 30 minutes before eating a meal.

Are Diet Protein Powders Better Than Normal Protein Powders For Losing Weight?

The protein source of most types of powders are the same. They are typically pea or whey protein. The key difference between a diet powder and a standard powder is the use of added ingredients which may help with burning fat. These ingredients are typically caffeine, l-carnitine, taurine, CLA or taurine. We believe the best protein powders for losing weight contain low calorie counts. And have a main protein source of pea protein or whey isolate. Then, if you want to take a separate fat burning supplement you can. However, it is important to remember to lose weight you must have a calorie deficit. This means nutrition is your first priority for weight loss. This combined with enough protein to induce satiety should be the foundation of any weight loss plan.

Does Protein Powder Help With Toning?

Protein powder helps increase protein intake. Research has found a high-protein diet appears to increase lean muscle mass and fat loss. It may also have beneficial effects on bone density when combined with exercise. If you have excess fat this will have to be reduced to reveal the muscle underneath to give a toned look. To lose weight you must be in a calorie deficit. However, improving body composition does not require a calorie deficit. Muscle growth combined with fat loss can help achieve a toned look. In both situations mentioned, a protein supplement would be beneficial.

What Is A Protein Blend?

A protein blend is used in protein powders which make use of 2 or more protein sources. A whey protein blend could be a combination of whey concentrate with isolate. And a plant based protein blend could be pea isolate combined with brown rice. This combination is often seen in vegan supplements to make sure all the amino acids considered essential are included (these are amino acids which can only be obtained through your diet). Pea isolate is low in methionine which brown rice has good levels of. However, brown rice is not the only way to achieved this, hemp protein can also be used. Other reasons blends are used are to give the body a constant supply of protein such as the fast releasing whey mixed with the slow releasing casein protein.  And another reason is to provide additional health benefits such as antioxidants, dietary fibre and essential fatty acids.