Future Kind Vegan Protein Powder Review

Written by Ben Carlisle

Last updated on: Aug 19, 2022

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If you are looking for a complete protein powder, Future Kind Vegan Protein ticks every box. Of all the protein powder supplements on the market we believe Future Kind Vegan Protein is the best. It will help most people move towards their goals regardless of their dietary requirements. Future Kind Vegan Protein was created with the intention of creating a clean, sustainable, plant based protein. The two Australian nutritionists behind this supplement invested painstaking attention to detail sourcing only the very best premium ingredients.

And creating a brand which really cared about their values, each supplement is packaged in an eco-friendly way, shipped in a carbon neutral manner and a percentage of all profits are donated to animal sanctuaries. This is all done whilst maintaining a reasonable price. Below we have anyalyzed this supplement in detail reporting our findings and helping you to assess whether this supplement can help you progress towards your goals.

What Is Future Kind Vegan Protein?

The two flavors of this supplement are slightly different. This means they should be looked at as two seperate vegan protein powders. The chocolate is a combination of protein sources. The core ingredient is pea protein isolate derived from yellow organic peas. These peas are only grown on select farms in the United States and are subject to high levels of quality control. This core ingredient sets the foundation for an amazing product. The additional protein sources used in this supplement inject some unique qualities. These protein sources are organic hemp protein, chia and Sacha Inchi seeds. Not only does this give good levels of all the essential amino acids but also provides some added health benefits.

The added ingredients add high levels of anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids and fibre. This combined with good iron levels provided by organic pea protein, makes Future Kind a supplement which can boost overall health whilst also being an excellent protein powder. Each serving contains 20g of protein which is the minimum efficient dosage post-workout to maximise muscle growth (1), whilst also being an effective dosage of pea protein to suppress appetite (2)

In terms of nutritional profile, the chocolate flavor each serving contains 20g of protein has just 120 calories, zero sugar and just 2g of fat and 4g of carbs. It is worth noting here the 2g of fat come from the added ingredients which give good levels of all the essential amino aids and are a great source of essential fatty acids. This means the 2g of fat in this supplement are healthy fats which enhance the nutritional profile of this supplement.

In contrast to the various ingredients used in the chocolate protein powder, vanilla is more simple. It also contains organic non-GMO yellow pea protein. But in addition to this just organic stevia, organic guar gum and vanilla flavoring.

It contains 0g of fat, 0g of sugar and just 1g of carbs all in an 85 calorie serving. These nutritional differences of the plant based protein shakes should be looked at when selecting which of these is right for you, they are not only different flavors but they have their own unique benefits. We believe the good levels of all 9 essential amino acids and additional ingredients make the chocolate flavor better as an overall health supplement. And the very low calorie count with zero fat and 1g of carbs makes the vanilla flavor a better protein powder for weight loss.

Benefits of Future Kind Vegan Protein Powder

There are many benefits of taking Future Kind Vegan Protein Powder. All you need to do is take 1 or 2 shakes with this protein powder each day to start moving faster towards your goals.

Pea Protein Gives Similar Results To Whey

Organic pea isolate is the core ingredient of this protein powder. In the vanilla flavored variety it is the only protein source and in the chocolate variety it is the main protein source supported by hemp, Sacha Inchi and chia seeds. Research has found pea protein to provide similar strength, performance, body composition, and muscular adaptations over an 8-week period when compared to whey (3).

This means for those seeking an alternative to whey protein, a supplement using pea protein powder as its main protein source is likely to produce the same results. This is especially useful for those seeking an effective plant based protein powder for strength, performance and muscle building goals as most plant based protein supplements do not compare favorably with whey.

Pea Protein Proven To Better Suppress Appetite

Future Kind refer to the organic pea protein isolate they used as "The Star Of The Show". And for good reason. Not only can it provide similar results to whey. Alongside casein protein It has been found to suppress appetite more effectively than other protein powders. This makes "Future Kind Vegan Protein Powder" effective for supporting weight loss and maintaining an all important calorie deficit required to lose weight. Furthermore, the protein content of this protein powder means you will preserve your muscle mass more effectively as you lose weight (4). This means you will be more likely to achieve a lean toned look once you have shifted any excess weight.

20g of Protein & Good Amino Acid Profile

Both the chocolate and vanilla variety of this protein powder come packed with 20g of protein per serving. This is scientifically proven to be the minimal effective protein dosage for supporting muscle growth. And also an effective dose to suppress appetite. This plant protein powder also contains all nine essential amino acids, with good levels of all 3 of the branched chain amino acids. The chocolate flavored supplements comes with additional ingredients notable hemp protein to enhance its amino acid profile by providing additional methionine.

This makes the chocolate protein powder a complete protein source. The vanilla version of this product has good levels of all of the essential amino acids aside from methionine. This is not a problem as long as methionine is incorporated elsewhere into the diet of individuals who use this powder.

Hypoallergenic & Organic Formula

The ingredients used in these vegan protein powders are hypoallergenic and organic. All the ingredients are non-GMO,&carefully selected and subject to 3rd party testing. Despite all the ingredients used being of premium quality, the price of this  protein powder is kept down due to Future Kind making bulk purchases. This is why the manufacturers of this supplement can confidently state you will not find a cleaner source of plant protein on the market.

There is not a single ingredient used which falls into the 8 most common allergens, meaning this supplement is a good choice for those who suffer from problems with dairy products. However, For those with severe allergies, while all of the equipment used to make this protein powder is strictly cleaned. It is produced in a facility where other companies have created products which may include peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, milk and egg ingredients. This means if you have a severe allergy you should consult a medical professional before consuming this protein powder.

High In Anti-Oxidants & Essential Fatty Acids*

The reason we rate the chocolate flavor of this supplement so highly is due to the benefits provided by the the added ingredients. These ingredients are hemp, chia seeds and Sacha Inchi. Not only do these additions allow the protein powder to provide good levels of all nine essential amino acids, it also brings high levels of anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids and dietary fiber.

This layered on top of the organic pea protein which is rich in iron and arginine make for an excellent overall health supplement. Just one shake a day of this extremely well rounded protein powder can help you reach your personal health and fitness goals whilst also boosting your overall health. This is why we have labeled this supplement as the best pea protein powder and our favorite vegan protein powder.

*Only Future Kind Vegan Protein in the chocolate flavor has the added ingredients, which are high in anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids.

How Future Kind Vegan Protein Powder Works

• Assists With Building Muscle And Post-Workout Recovery: The body breaks protein down into amino acids which is needed to build and repair muscle tissue. Muscle mass and strength is developed by the rebuilding of muscle fibers. Sufficient protein is required to carry out this process optimally. Future Kind Vegan Protein powder has 20g of protein which is the minimum efficient dosage to take post-workout in order to maximize muscle growth. For the best results studies have found sufficient protein intake and a resistance training program is required.

Easily Hit Daily Protein Intake Goals: This plant based protein powder can help people pursuing a range of goals. Whether this be health related goals or performance ones. It is a convenient way for those who live a busy life to easily hit recommended daily protein intake of 0.75 g per kg of bodyweight. Just as it is for those with strength, muscle development and athletic goals. Although there are different opinions in scientific literature about the optimum amount of protein intake required to maximize strength, muscle development and athletic performance, 1.4 to 2.2 grams per kg of bodyweight is widely agreed upon. The use of a supplement can make these intake levels a lot easier to hit. This is especially true for older people who may need higher dosages due to anabolic resistance.

• Assists With Weight Loss: Protein increases satiety. This means consuming more makes individuals feel fuller. This is obviously extremely beneficial when attempting to maintain a calorie deficit which is essential for losing weight. Not only is this plant based protein powder high in protein it also uses pea isolate. Research has found pea and casein protein supplements were more effective than other protein powders when it came to suppressing appetite. This means when you take this supplement you receive a duel benefit, the satiety from the high protein levels and an ingredient shown to suppress appetite more effectively. Out of the 2 types of Future Kind Vegan protein powder, we believe vanilla is the better choice for those who have the primary goal of weight loss as it has just 85 calories per serving, 0g of fat and 1g or carbs.

• Naturally Rich In Iron: Future Kind Vegan Protein comes packed full of iron, with 8.1mg per serving. For men and post-menopausal women, just one protein shake gives the full recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of 8 grams. For pre-menopausal women, the RDA is 19 grams meaning one shake gives 44.4% of this allowance. These high irons levels make Future Kind Vegan Protein an appealing supplement for anyone with an iron deficiency. Scientific research has discovered pea protein to be a promising encapsulating matrix for the controlled release of iron.

• Complete Amino Acid Profile**: The amino acid profile of "Future Kind Vegan Protein" varies between the chocolate and vanilla flavors. Both use organic pea isolate as the main ingredient. But the chocolate flavor contains protein from other sources; hemp, chia and Sacha inchi seeds. Aside from being rich in anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids, these ingredients give the supplement a complete amino acid profile. Hemp is rich in methionine which allows the supplement to have good levels of all  the essential amino acids. The vanilla flavor does not have any added proteins. It still contains all 9 essential amino acids but does not have good levels of methionine. It is still a great protein powder, you just need to make sure you get the necessary methionine from elsewhere in your diet.

**Future Kind Vegan Protein in the chocolate flavor has a complete amino acid profile, the vanilla flavor does not.

• Extra Health Benefits From Added Ingredients*: Hemp, chia and sacha inchi bring other benefits other than improving the amino acid profile of this protein powder. They bring high levels of dietary fibre, unsaturated fats, antioxidants and minerals. This means when you take a serving of this protein powder you are gaining overall health benefits a protein supplement with an excellent nutritional profile.

*Only Future Kind Vegan Protein in the chocolate flavor has these added ingredients, the vanilla flavor does not.

Future Kind Vegan Protein Powder Ingredients

Organic Pea Protein Isolate: The main ingredient used in this protein powder is organic American yellow split peas. This is used to provide the high protein content of both the chocolate and vanilla protein powders. There is a key difference between the flavors here, the chocolate flavor protein powder uses more than one ingredient which provides the supplements protein content. Whereas pea is the sole source of protein content in the vanilla flavored powder. The protein is isolated from dried yellow split peas. This process results in nearly all the starch and fibre being removed from the peas. The end result is a milled powder which is low in lectins and contains no sugar or saturated fat.  The vanilla flavored protein powder has 73.2% protein content and the chocolate one has a slightly lower level of  67%. This is due to the added organic hemp, chia and Sacha Inchi. However this is more than compensated with the good levels of all 9 essential amino acids these ingredients provide. And how they provide additional health benefits. Scientific research has found pea and whey protein powders to be comparable when it comes to promoting strength, performance, body composition, and muscular adaptations.

Organic Hemp (Chocolate Flavor Only): Organic hemp is a raw protein source which goes through very minimal manufacturing. The process is simple. The hemp seeds are collected then ground. The result is a fine brownish-green powder. Due to the grinding process 90% of the seeds oil content is removed. This removes most of the fat found in hemp seeds. The level of protein in hemp is approximately 50%. Hemps seeds are 91-98%  digestible and are high in dietary fiber, antioxidants and unsaturated essential fatty acids.

Alkalized Cocoa Powder (Chocolate Flavor Only): Alkalized cocoa powder is used to create a smoother texture and more balanced chocolate flavor. The alkalization of the cocoa powder allows for improved solubility which makes the protein shake smoother and it also takes the bitterness and acidity out of the taste.

Organic Vanilla Flavoring (Vanilla Flavor Only): All the flavoring used in this vanilla protein powder is organic. Unlike many vanilla vegan protein powders which are full of fillers, artificial sweeteners, sugar, salt and synthetic ingredients. Everything added to this protein powder is clean, green and healthy.

Sacha Inchi (Chocolate Flavor Only): Sacha inchi is often referred to as a superfood. It is star-shaped fruit from the Amazon it contains large edible seeds. These seeds are packed full of nutrients. They are high in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, magnesium, fibre, vitamin A, vitamin E and calcium. These seeds also contain approximately 3g of protein per 10g serving.

Milled Chia Seeds (Chocolate Flavour Only): Chia seeds are high in anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids and fibre. Research has found they can improve blood sugar control and increase omega 3 blood levels.

Organic Stevia Leaf Extract Rebaudioside A:  Stevia is promoted as a healthy substitute for sugar. It can sweeten foods without the negative health effects linked to the consumption of refined sugar. Stevia contains lower calories and reduced blood sugar levels when compared to sugar.

Organic Guar Gum: Guar gum is used to thicken and stabilise food products. It is associated with some health benefits, these include; helping with, digestion, weight management, controlling blood sugar and reducing cholesterol levels. 

How To Take Future Kind Vegan Protein Powder

This supplement should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet. It is recommended to take 1 or 2 Future Kind shakes a day. The amount will vary from person to person and depend on your own personal requirements. Normally 1 of these shakes will be taken peri-workout. To take the supplement simply mix 1 30g scoop with 12 ounces of water or a non-dairy liquid. Future Kind recommend unsweetened almond milk as the best subsitute for water.


• Proven To Produce Similar Results To Whey

• Research Has Found Pea Protein Provides Superior Appetite Suppresion

• Can Support Weight Loss, Athletic Perofrmanc and Muscle Gain Goals

• Organic Yellow Pea Protein Isolate

• Complete Amino Acid Profile

• Premium Organic Ingredients

• Contains Antioxidants, Fibre and Essential Fatty Acids

• 100% Recycled Eco-Friendly Bottle

• Easily Digested Clean Formula

• Tastes Good & Mixes Well

• Independently 3rd Party Tested

• Vanilla Flavor Contains Just 85 Calories


• Chocolate Flavor Slightly Lower Protein Content Due To Added Ingredients (we think the benefits provided make it a good trade-off).

• Vanilla Flavor Of This Protein Powder Lacks Good Levels Of Methionine.

Customer Reviews

Future Kind Vegan Protein has received a lot of positive feedback. Customers have described both chocolate and vanilla flavors of this supplement as the best tasting supplement of any of the vegan protein powders they had tried. But it is not only the taste which is complemented the smoothness, digestibility and clean ingredients are all highly praised. You can see some of the reviews below...

Why This Product Should Be Trusted

Future Kind was founded by Australian nutritionists who wanted to bring evidence based products using 100% vegan ingredients to the market. They have successfully intertwined science with environmental sustainability. Their motto of clean, sustainable and vegan is used throughout the company. This is evident in the ingredients they choose for their products and how they use some of their profits to support animal sanctuaries. They also used eco friendly packaging and carbon neutral shipping.

Future Kind supplements are produced in a USA facility which is FDA-regulated and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified. Every supplement they produce undergoes independent third party testing. The confidence Future Kind have in their products is shown by the 30 day returns they offer on all their products.

Words are easy to put on paper, but Future Kind do the hard part of backing up their words with action. Choosing a Future Kind supplement allows you to support environmental sustainability, clean ingredients and science backed progression towards your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Take Future Kind Vegan Protein Powder?

Anyone who wants an excellent well-rounded protein powder should take this supplement. It can support a range of health and fitness goals and comprises of clean organic ingredients. Those who may find this protein powder particularly appealing are those who want a plant based protein powder. And those who would like to get extra iron into their diet.

Who Shouldn't Take Future Kind Vegan Protein Powder?

Anyone allergic to pea protein should not take this protein powder as this is the primary ingredient. Also, those who require a protein supplement with very high protein levels would be better going for a whey isolate or Promix vegan protein.

What Is The Difference Between The Chocolate And Vanilla Flavor?

There are some slight difference between these 2 vegan protein powders. The chocolate flavor protein contains additional ingredients. These are hemp protein, chia seeds and Sacha Inchi. it also contains 120 calories. The extra ingredients allow for additional health beenfits such as high levels of; all nine essential amino acids, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids. The vanilla protein powder contains just organic pea protein, stevia, guar gum and vanilla flavoring. It contains just 85 calories. In summary the chocolate flavor has a better essential amino acid profile and is better for those wanting overall health benefits. And the vanilla flavor is better for those targeting weight loss. For all other goals the difference is minimal.

Is Future Kind Vegan Protein Powder Sugar Free?

Yes, it is a sugar free supplement. The protein powder is sweetened using organic stevia. No added sugar, artificial sweeteners or synthetic ingredients are used.

Where Can You Buy Future Kind Vegan Protein Powder?

You can order Future Kind Vegan Protein Powder easily from the official website. They offer great savings on bundle deals. And if you sign up to their newsletter you will also get a 10% discount. They even offer 30 day returns on products even if they are used.

Conclusion: Is Future Kind Vegan Protein Powder Worth It?

There is no doubt Future Kind Vegan Protein is an excellent supplement. We rate it as the best overall protein powder on the market. The organic pea isolate used as the core ingredient is proven as an effective protein source to fuel a range of health and fitness goals. Special attention to the flavor you choose is recommended, if weight loss or overall health is your primary objective. For weight loss we recommended the vanilla flavor protein powder rand for overall health the chocolate one.

For all other goals both of these vegan protein powders are excellent. And it will come down to personal taste preference whether you choose chocolate or vanilla. The reviews and testimonials from customers are exceptional and the way in which the company conducts itself in the event of any problems is excellent. They provide 30 day money back guarantees. This means if are not satisfied, you can always get your money back. If you are looking for a clean protein powder which delivers results we really recommend you try this supplement.