Is It Bad To Drink 2 Protein Shakes A Day?

Written by Ben Carlisle

Last updated on: Sep 17, 2022

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No, it is not bad to drink 2 protein shakes per day. Whether you should drink 2 protein shakes per day will depend upon your goals, your diet and how much exercise you are doing.

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If you are not very active and are already hitting or exceeding your recommended protein intake of 0.8 -1 gram of protein per kg of bodyweight (1) there is no need to take extra protein shakes. However, if you are falling short of your protein intake, taking one or more protein powder supplements a day may be a good idea.

Another reason one protein shake or more may be beneficial throughout the day is if you are on the go. You may find yourself having trouble finding food which is a good quality protein source because of time or circumstances. This is where an additional protein shake can really help, providing the protein intake your body needs in a fast-convenient way.

More Than One Shake A Day May Be Beneficial If You Are Trying To Gain Muscle

If you are actively seeking to gain muscle, taking more than 1 protein shake a day may be right for you. A study has found to achieve optimal muscle growth you should take between 1.6 and 2.2 g of protein per kg of body weight (2). This could be done by ingesting protein at a rate of 0.53 g per kg across 3 servings or 0.4 g per kg across 4 servings. Taking so much protein through food only may become a challenge and the use of a protein powder supplement could greatly assist with achieving this protein intake.

More Than One Shake A Day May Be Beneficial If You Are A Vegan

One of the main concerns experts have with vegan diet’s is the potential for low protein intake (3). If you are on a vegan diet and you are finding it hard to hit the recommended protein intake for your goals it could be helpful to you to take one or more protein shakes to top up your daily protein intake. Fortunately, there are great tasting vegan protein powders available such as “vegan diet protein” and “vegan pea isolate”. This makes it easier than ever to get protein into your vegan diet and to help you reaching your nutritional goals.

More Than One Shake Per Day May Be Beneficial If You Are Trying To Lose Weight

When losing weight the most important thing is to maintain a calorie deficit. By using protein shakes you are able to easily count the amount of calories you are taking in one serving. Not only this but you are also able to ensure you are getting enough protein to hit your daily protein requirements. This is especially important if you are an athlete trying to hit a certain weight without losing any valuable muscle. A further benefit is the protein helps increase satiety (4), this will aid you in maintaining your calorie deficit and lower the probability of binge eating.

It Is Not Bad To Drink More Than One Protein Shake Per Day

Drinking more than one protein shake per day is not bad for you in most circumstances. And it may be a beneficial way to get protein in your diet in a number of circumstances. This includes when getting other sources of quality protein is not possible, if you need a way to easily calculate your calorie intake, if you are an athlete and if you are looking to lose weight.

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