Promix Vegan Protein Review

Written by Ben Carlisle

Last updated on: Aug 22, 2022

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If you are looking for a high quality vegan protein powder, Promix Vegan Protein is one of the best on the market. This protein powder uses organic Canadian yellow split peas to pack in a huge 25g of protein per serving with 5.2g of branched chain amino acids. This ultra clean supplement was created to fuse quality ingredients with scientific data. With the aim of enhancing performance safely. It is excellent for athletes and those serious about achieving their fitness goals. There are versions of this supplement which are NSF sport certified. And each product comes with 100% transparent testing data.

This brand goes the extra mile in creating supplements which create performance based results. With their mantra of "Science Driven. Performance Proven" combined with the athletic testing of their supplements. For those seeking elite performance we put Promix Nutrition amongst the very best brands in the world. And believe this product is the best vegan protein powder for elite athletes. Below we have anyalyzed this supplement in detail reporting our findings and helping you to assess whether this supplement can help you progress towards your goals.

What Is Promix Vegan Protein?

This protein powder is made from organic yellow peas. These peas are carefully selected from exclusive Canadian farms. A serving of this supplement has 25g of protein and 5.2 g BCAA's with between 115 and 130 calories (this depends on the flavor you choose). It is easily blended and has a light smooth taste. Just like every other Promix Nutrition supplement, this one is free from gums, gluten, hormones, GMOs, fillers, soy, antibiotics, glyscophosphate and everything artificial.

An interesting addition which sets it aside from other vegan protein powder is the added vitamin B12. A single serving of this powder provides 200% of your daily requirements. This is particulary appealing to athletes and people who train seriously, as they will have higher than normal iron requirements. This will also benefit those who want more dietary iron due to concerns about anaemia.

There are 4 different flavouring options for this protein powder. These are unflavored, chocolate, raw chocolate and vanilla. The unflavored pea protein powder has a bland taste which is virtually tasteless, however this taste may not be for everyone. Of the flavors mentioned the unflavored and vanilla contain the least calories at 115 per serving. A serving of the chocolate flavor has 125 calories and the raw chocolate has 130 calories per serving.

All of these vegan protein powders are subject to independent 3rd party testing. Promix are super transparent displaying all of this testing data clearly on their website for each individual supplement. The NSF Sport Certification of the chocolate and vanilla flavors of this supplement provide athletes peace of mind. To be NSF sport certified  supplements must be tested for over 280 substances prohibited in sporting competition. This is the only 3rd party certification recognised by USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency). To be NSF Sport Certified the facility in which the supplement is manufactured made must be audited, with label claims verified, and pass an FDA toxicology test. Being NSF Sport Certified means a supplement is compliant with the rules of elite sporting organisations such as NFL, NBA, NHL, PGA, NASCAR and Ironman. This accentuates the position of this Promix supplement as an elite option for professional athletes.

Benefits of Promix Vegan Protein

There are many benefits of taking Promix Vegan Protein. By taking this supplement once or twice a day you can progress towards your goals at a faster rate.

Pea Protein Supports A Range Of Goals

Yellow pea is the plant based protein used in this supplement. It is considered by many to be the most effective source of plant protein. This is backed up scientific research which Promix no doubt considered when they chose it for this vegan supplement. When compared to whey protein, research has found pea to give similar strength, performance, body composition, and muscular adaptations over an 8-week period (1). This is great news for anyone who wants to switch to a plant based protein and not have to worry about the impact it will have on their ability to reach their athletic or fitness performance goals.

An additional benefit of  yellow pea isolate is it has been found to suppress appetite more effectively than other protein powders. This can be an added bonus to athletes in weight governed sports who are trying to cut weight. And anyone who is trying to lose weight. In both cases the 25g of protein per serving in this plant based powder will also help preserve muscle mass as weight is lost. This means you will look more toned and perform better after any weight loss.

Infused With Vitamin B12

A unique characteristic of this vegan protein powder is it comes fortified with vitamin B12. This is achieved using the ingredient methylcobalamin. This is obviously beneficial for those who are B12 deficient. And for those following a plant based diet, which is often low in vitamin B12.

However, it is also an advantageous addition for athletes. Athletes need more iron than the general population. And individuals performing high intensity exercises or prolonged endurance exercise lose as much as 70% more iron when compared to sedentary individuals (2). This will be especially true for vegan athletes. We believe this is another example of the extreme attention to detail provided by Promix Nutrition when they created this supplement.

25g Of Protein & 5.2g Of BCAA's

This highly bioavailable vegan protein isolate, comes with an excellent nutritional profile. The BCAA and protein levels are extremely impressive for a plant based protein. They are comparable with some of the best whey proteins. This supplement contains all 9 essential amino acids with only methionine not having good levels.

However, the 3 BCAA's; leucine, isoleucine and valine play an important role in muscle growth and this supplement provides very good levels. 25g of protein is 5g more than what scientific research has found to the minimum effective dosage of protein to support muscle growth. Research also supports 25g of protein to be an effective dose to suppress appetite.

NSF Sport Certified Options

When you're training hard to reach your athletic goals the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether the supplements you are taking are legal in your sport. Promix take care of this for you. They offer 2 excellent options which are NSF Sport Certified. This allows you to spend your time focusing on your training secrue in the knowledge your protien pwoder is not only helping you move towards your goals but it is complaint wiht your chosen sport.

100% Transparent Testing

A great feature of this supplement is how Promix clearly display testing data on their website. All the ingredients used in a Promix supplement are independently tested for heavy metals and impurities. This will be very appealing to those worried about the presence of heavy metals such as mercury cadmium, arsenic and lead in their plant based protein powder.

The data also reveals soy and gluten levels. For those who need gluten free or soy free supplements this is helpful. This attention to detail shows the effort Promix have made to not only create an effective supplement for a performance point of view. But, to do so with clean premium ingredients.


How Promix Vegan Protein Works

• 25g of Protein & 5.2g of BCAAs To Support Recovery And Build Muscle: Protein breaks down into amino acids when consumed. Of these amino acids, the BCAA's are especially important for the repair of muscle tissue. There is evidence to suggest BCAA's reduce post-workout soreness, preserve muscle tissue and support muscle gain. This makes Promix Nutrition’s Vegan Protein ideal for anyone following an intense training schedule who needs to be sure their recovery between sessions is optimized. Research has found protein supplementation may promote muscle hypertrophy and enhance gains in muscle strength in both untrained and trained individuals. Evidence also suggests protein supplementation may accelerate gains in both aerobic and anaerobic power (4). Further research has found 20g to 25g is the optimal protein serving to maximise muscle growth when combined with resistance training. The above information shows how the nutritional profile of this supplement is perfect to support exercise recovery, muscle preservation and muscle gain in when following an intense training program.

• Convenient Way To Hit High Protein Intake Goals: This vegan protein powder is ideal for anyone who needs to maintain high protein levels to hit their strength, muscle development and athletic goals. Scientific literature has come to different conclusions about the best protein consumption levels to maximize strength, muscle development and athletic performance but 1.4 to 2.2 grams per kg of bodyweight is the consensus. With 25 grams per serving and excellent BCAA levels this vegan protein powder is a convenient way to hit these levels each day.

• Assists With Muscle Preservation As You Weight Loss:  All varieties of this supplement has an excellent nutritional profile for supporting weight loss and preserving muscle. This means it will help achieve improved lean body mass, so you can perform at your best. It will also help you get the lean toned look, if you follow the correct nutrition and training plan. As already mentioned it packs in 25g of protein per serving. This protein works in 3 ways. The increased protein intake is proven to increase satiety which helps to maintain a calorie deficit. This is further compounded by the fact pea protein has been found to more effectively suppress appetite. And finally, the high protein content helps to prevent muscle breakdown after exercise meaning you will hold on to your lean muscle as your weight drops. All varieties of this protein powder are low carb with just 1% carbohydrate content per serving. For those wanting to minimise fat and calories two of varieties of this protein powder have better nutritional profiles. The unflavored variety and the vanilla flavor contain zero fat and just 115 calories per serving.

• Naturally High In Iron and Infused With Vitamin B12

This vegan protein powder by Promix Nutrition is naturally packed full of iron due to being made from organic Canadian yellow peas. Just one serving of this supplement will provide 23-24% of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for men and post-menopausal women. Furthermore, this supplement is fortified with vitamin B12 to give 200% of the RDA. This will be appealing to both athletes and those who have concerns over iron deficiency or low B12 levels. Athletes and particularly female athletes are at a higher risk than the general population of low iron levels (5). Research has found athletes with low irons levels who took an iron supplement experienced performance benefits (6). This makes this supplement excellent for anyone who has low iron levels or want to prevent their iron levels becoming low.

• Super Clean Supplement

This is one of the best protein powder supplements when it comes to purity. All the ingredients sourced from trusted sources and there is no artificial anything. This non gmo, dairy free protein powder can be safely taken by nearly anyone. It is ideal for a range of people; those with lactose intolerance, wanting an organic vegan or gluten free supplement, to build muscle, achieve weight loss or just feel and perform at their best. What you get with this protein powder by Promix Nutrition is science backed ingredients which are only used from the cleanest sources and are subject to rigorous third party testing. We believe there is not a supplement on the market which does a  better job than Promix when it comes to selecting ingredients then clearly displaying the test results of all their products.

Promix Vegan Protein Ingredients

Organic Pea Isolate: This supplement uses organic yellow split peas sourced from Canadian farms. The protein content of this supplement is approximately 85%. This gives this pea protein powder a protein content which is higher than most whey protein concentrate powders and significantly better nearly all plant based vegan protein powders.

Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin): Methylcobalamin is a cobalamin, which is form of vitamin B12. It is frequently used in the treatment of individuals with deficient of the vitamin B12. In the unflavored variety of this supplement, this is the only ingredient used alongside  organic pea protein isolate. Vitamin B12 is beneficial to the function of the brain and nervous system. It also helps with the production of red blood cells.

Raw Organic Peruvian Cacao (Raw Chocolate & Chocolate Flavor Only): Both the chocolate and raw chocolate vegan protein used organic Peruvian cacao. Raw cacao beans do not taste much like chocolate. Before the beans are transformed into cacao powder they go through several steps; fermentation, drying, roasting, crushing, drying and grinding. Cacao powder has a more bitter taste in comparison to the sweeter cocoa powder. As cocoa is not used in the raw chocolate vegan protein supplement, it has a more bitter taste than the chocolate flavor.

Cocoa (Chocolate Flavor Only): This is used to add flavoring to the chocolate flavored version of this supplement. This is sweeter than cacao powder and allows for a less bitter chocolate taste when compared to the raw chocolate flavor which uses solely cacao powder.

Monk Fruit (Raw Chocolate, Chocolate & Vanilla Flavor Only): Monk fruit is a natural sweetener used to enhance the taste of the flavored versions of this supplement. It contains zero calories. And is estimated to be as much as 250 times sweeter than sugar. There is also some evidence to suggest this fruit contains some antioxidant properties.

Himalayan Pink Salt (Raw Chocolate, Chocolate & Vanilla Flavor Only): Himalayan pink salt is thought to be a healthier alternative to table salt. It is mined close to the Himalayas in Pakistan and is naturally pink in color. There are claims this salt is packed full of minerals and provide incredible health benefits. However, at present there is no definitive&scientific evidence to support these claims.

Vanilla Extractives (Vanilla Flavor Only): This is used to add flavoring to the vanilla flavored version of this supplement.

How To Take Promix Vegan Protein

This supplement should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet. Promix advise this supplement to be taken in the following ways; as a post-workout protein shake, with smoothies, in baking or as shake between meals to meet protein goals. A serving is 2 scoops of the protein powder and approximately 30g. The protein content of these 2 scoops comes to 25g. 

It is advised to mix these scoops with 12-16 fluid ounces of water or a non-dairy milk. We tried mixing with water, coconut milk and unsweetened almond milk. Each of these liquids mixed great. Once added to the liquid of your choice you should blend shake or stir the mix until it is dissolved. This should take approximately 30 seconds. It mixes well if shaken or stirred and gives a smooth texture. If it is not mixed properly the texture will be a bit grainy. With the almond milk and coconut milk we needed to shake for a little linger than the advised 30 seconds.


• 25g of Protein and 5.2g of BCAA's

• Organic Pea Protein Isolate

• High In Vitamin B12

• 4 Flavors Available

• 2 NSF Sport Certified Options

• 100% Transparent Testing Data


• Low In The Essential Amino Acid Methionine.

• The Taste May Not Be For Everybody (especially the unflavored variety).

Customer Reviews

Customers who have used this supplement have given extremely good feedback. With 99% of the reviews being extremely positive. The features of this protein powder which have proven to be popular include: how clean the ingredients are, the nutritional profile, it's versatility and how it is a smooth tasting powder.

Why This Product Should Be Trusted

Promix is a science based nutrition company which was founded by Albert Matheny. He is a registered dietitian who consults with a range of athletes; from high school level all the way up to Olympic Gold medallists. He founded Promix after he was unable to find supplements with quality ingredients with science backed evidence for performance and safety.

This motivation is clearly displayed in this vegan protein powder. From the use of organic yellow peas, the addition of vitamin B12 and the extensive testing the products undertake. The focus on creating premium supplement options for athletes is evident with the effort to get some of the protein powders NSF Sport Certified.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Take Promix Vegan Protein?

Anyone who is serious about reaching their health, fitness and sporting goals should take this vegan protein powder. It also should be taken by those who are looking for a clean supplement or those wanting to increase their dietary iron intake. It has an excellent nutritional profile of 25g or protein, 5.2g of BCAA’s and is fortified with vitamin B12. The clean ingredients of this supplement will also appeal to a lot of people. All the varieties of this supplement are free of everything artificial inviting; free of refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, soy free, gluten free. For those seeking minimal ingredients unflavored is the best choice.

Who Shouldn't Take Promix Vegan Protein?

Those allergic to yellow split peas should not take this supplement. Also, those who want their to provide good levels of all 9 critical amino acids, this powder will not be sufficient due to it not having good levels of methionine. For most people the low methionine levels are not an issue as they can easily be boosted through other food sources (another popular way to get the required methionine levels is to combine a pea supplement with a rice protein powder). For those who are looking for a protein shake to support overall health as well as to increase their protein intake Future Kind Vegan Protein may be a better choice.

Which Flavors Are NSF Sport Certified?

Both the chocolate and vanilla flavors of this supplement are NSF Sport Certified. This means competitive athletes can take either of these protein supplements and know they have been tested for more than 270 banned substances in sport.

Is Promix Vegan Protein Sugar Free?

Yes, every flavor of this supplement contains zero sugar, it is is 100% sugar free. The unflavored option uses no sweeteners. The raw chocolate, chocolate and vanilla flavours use the natural sweetener monk fruit to sweeten the powder.

Where Can You Buy Promix Vegan Protein?

You can order Promix's Vegan Protein powder from their official website. There is free shipping on orders over $50 and a 10% discount for military personnel, first responders, medical practitioners, nurses and teachers. Every product is backed by an industry leading 90-day satisfaction guarantee with a full refund provided to those not happy with their purchase.

Conclusion: Is Promix Vegan Protein Powder Worth It?

This supplement is an excellent pea based vegan protein powder. We rate it as the best plant based protein powder for serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The organic yellows peas sourced from North America, fortification with B12 and the use of only natural sweeteners and flavorings make this one of the cleanest nutrition shakes on the market. It ‘science backed approach, ingredient quality means it is suitable for those pursuing a variety of goals, from building muscle, weight loss and athletic performance. The high protein and BCAA content make this supplement perfect for professional athletes and those serious about their sport who need the extra protein to support post workout recovery so they can perform again the next day.

All the flavors of Promix nutrition’s “Vegan Protein” are seriously clean supplements backed by a 90-day money back guarantee. If you are looking to take your fitness or sporting performance to the next level this supplement will help take you there.