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Written by Ben Carlisle

Last updated on: Sep 17, 2022

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Pea protein is deservedly regarded as a leading vegan protein powder. It has a high protein content, is highly digestible, rich in iron and contains all the essential amino acids. Research has found pea protein powders are comparable to whey protein supplements with regards to improving strength, sporting performance and body composition.

Below we have analyzed some of the best pea protein powders on the market. In this analysis, we have looked at a range of factors including; protein content, flavor, texture, quality of ingredients, essential amino acids and any special features. To help you find the right pea protein powder to reach your goals we have compiled a list ranking the top 5 best pea protein powders on the market. Read on to find out more...

Our Best Rated Pea Protein Powder List

1. Future Kind Vegan Protein : Best Pea Protein Powder

Future Kind’s Vegan Protein uses organic yellow peas as it's main protein source. These yellow peas are non-GMO and grown in the USA to the highest possible standards. What sets this protein powder apart from other pea based powders is it contains some special added ingredients. These are hemp, chia and Sacha Inchi seeds. With this plant based protein powder you are not just getting a powder rich in protein and iron. But you are also receiving the benefits of these added ingredients. The most notable of these are high levels of essential fatty acids, antioxidants and fibre. This means your overall health is being enhanced as well as your dietary protein intake.

Each serving contains 20g of protein, 0g of sugar, 2g of fat and 4g of carbohydrates with just 120 calories. Although pea protein is low in the essential amino acid methionine the addition of hemp makes this protein powder have a complete amino acid profile. This is an attractive aspect of this protein powder compared to other powders based on pea protein isolate. There is no needed to add methionine elsewhere in the diet to compensate for a lack of methionine in your protein shake.

Having good levels of all the essential amino acids in combination with the added ingredients mentioned before, makes us rate Future Kind Vegan Protein as the top rated supplement on our best pea protein powders list.

This supplement was created by two Australian nutritionists who wanted to create a protein powder which was clean, sustainable and vegan. The attention to detail they have put into achieving this is admirable. From the premium ingredients used in the supplement through to the eco-friendly packaging, carbon neutral shipping and animal sanctuary donations. Future Kind really go the extra mile to fulfil their values whilst offering a premium protein powder at a reasonable price.

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Future Kind Vegan Protein Ingredients

Organic Pea Protein Isolate: This protein powder uses organic American yellow split peas. The protein is isolated from the yellow split peas. Both the starch and fibre is removed. The result is a low number of lectins, no sugar and no saturates. The isolated pea protein content is typically around 75%. With the vanilla flavor of supplement the level is just over 73%. And the chocolate flavor is slightly lower protein content of 67% due to added ingredients, however this is more than compensated with a full amino acid profile. And the extra health benefits these added ingredients provide. Research has found pea protein isolate to be similar to whey when it comes to promoting strength, performance, body composition, and muscular adaptations (1).

Organic Hemp Protein (Chocolate Flavour Only): This is a raw organic protein source and undergoes very little manufacturing. The hemp seeds are collected then ground into a fine brownish-green powder. This removes around 90% of the seeds oil content. The protein content of hemp is approximately 50%. 91-98% of hemp seed is digestible and it contains high levels of dietary fiber, unsaturated fats and antioxidants (2).

Alkalized Cocoa Powder (Chocolate Flavour Only): The benefit of using alkalized cocoa powder is it allows for improved solubility. This allows for it to dissolve more easily in liquid making for a smoother protein shake. Being alkalized also allows for a taste which is less bitter and acidic. The result is a more balanced chocolate flavour.

Sacha Inchi Protein (Chocolate Flavour Only): Sacha inchi is a fruit which produces geometric, star-shaped pods which contain large, edible seeds. These seeds are loaded with nutrients and provide several benefits. It is high in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, magnesium, fibre, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin E. Sacha inchi typically contains 3g of protein per 10g serving.

Milled Chia Seed (Chocolate Flavour Only): These seeds are high in fibre and omega-3 fatty acids. They also contain high levels of antioxidants and fibre. Studies have found chia seeds increase omega 3 bloods levels and improve blood sugar control (3, 4).

Organic Stevia Leaf Extract (Rebaudioside A):  Stevia is promoted as a safe and healthy alternative to sugar. It is used to sweeten foods whilst avoiding the negative health effects linked to refined sugar. In comparison to sugar, stevia offers lower calories and reduced blood sugar levels (5).

Organic Guar Gum: Guar gum is used to thicken and stabilise food products. It is also associated with some health benefits in including assisting with digestion, weight management, add controlling blood sugar and cholesterol levels (6789).

How Future Kind Vegan Protein Works

Supports Lean Muscle Growth And Recovery: Protein is used to build and repair muscle tissue after training. The process of rebuilding muscle fibres is how strength and muscle mass increases. For the body to efficiently carry out this process it requires sufficient protein. It can be hard to hit the required protein intake from food sources alone. This is where protein powder can help ensure enough protein is consumed. Studies have found sufficient protein combined with resistance training is needed for maximum result for muscle gain.

Assists With Hitting Daily Protein Requirements: For muscle growth and strength development the consensus on the amount of protein required per day varies. However, the range given across various studies is between 1.4 and 2.2 grams per kg of bodyweight. It is also mentioned older individuals have anabolic resistance meaning they will needed a higher protein intake to maximise gains in lean muscle tissue. Protein powders make it easier to hit these levels especially when trying to reach these levels when leading a busy life.

Assists With Weight Loss: Proteins have been proven to increase satiety. This is useful if trying to lose weight as feeling fuller will help you maintain a calorie deficit and reduce the probability of binge eating. Research has found taking yellow pea protein 30 minutes before eating resulted in fewer calories being consumed.

Naturally Rich In Iron: Pea protein powder is naturally rich in iron with a “Future Kind Vegan Protein” shake containing 8.1mg of iron. For men and post-menopausal women, the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) is 8 grams meaning just one shake gives enough iron for a day. For pre-menopausal women, the RDA is 19 grams meaning one shakes gives 44.4% of this allowance. These high irons levels also make pea protein an interesting supplement for any individual with an iron deficiency as research has found it to be a promising encapsulating matrix for the controlled release of iron.

Complete Amino Acid Profile: Although the primary protein source of "Future Kind Vegan Protein" is pea protein isolate. It does contain proteins from other sources; hemp, chia and sacha inchi. Alone pea isolate contains all the essential amino acids, with methionine being the only amino acid it is low in. But combined with these other protein sources it has a complete amino acid profile with hemp being notably high in the amino acid methionine.

Added Ingredients Bring Extra Health Benefits: Hemp, chia and sacha inchi bring other benefits other than complementing pea isolates amino acid profile and additional protein. They bring high levels of dietary fibre, antioxidants, unsaturated fats and minerals.

How To Take Future Kind Vegan Protein

Future Kind Vegan Protein should be taken as a supplement to a healthy diet. It is recommended to take 1 or 2 protein shakes a day, depending on your own personal protein requirements. Normally 1 of these protein shakes will be taken before or after a workout. To take the powder simply mix 1 30g scoop with 12 ounces of water or a non-dairy liquid. Future Kind recommend unsweetened almond milk as the best alternative to water.


• Organic Yellow Pea Protein Isolate

• Complete Amino Acid Profile

• Premium Ingredients

• Contains Antioxidants, Fibre and Essential Fatty Acids

• Eco-Friendly Bottle Made From 100% Recycled Material

• Easily Digested Clean Formula

• Tastes Good And Mixes Well

• Independently Tested By 3rd Party


• Slightly Lower Protein Content Due To Added Ingredients (we think the benefits of these ingredients make it worth it).

Customer Reviews

Customers who have reviewed Future Kind Vegan Protein have had a lot of positive things to say. Both the chocolate and vanilla flavours of this protein powder have been described by happy customers as the best vegan protein powder they have tried. Most reviews comment specifically on the taste, the smoothness of the shake and how it causes no digestive issues.

Why This Product Should Be Trusted

Future Kind was founded by Australian nutritionists with a focus on evidence based products using 100% vegan ingredients. They have successfully intertwined science with environmental sustainability. Their motto of clean, sustainable and vegan is used throughout the company from the ingredients they choose for their products through to supporting animal sanctuaries. Eco friendly packaging and carbon neutral shipping.

Future Kind supplements are produced in a USA facility which is FDA-regulated and a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified. And every product undergoes independent third party testing. The confidence Future Kind have in their products is shown by the 30 day returns they offer on all their products.

Words are easy to put on paper, but Future Kind do the hard part of backing up their words with action. Choosing a Future Kind supplement gives you science backed results whilst supporting environmental sustainability.

2. Promix Vegan Protein : Best For Competitive Athletes

Promix Vegan Protein is made solely from organic yellow peas grown on Canadian farms. One serving of this protein powder packs 25g of protein and 5.2 g of branched chain amino acids. It is easy to blend with a light smooth taste. Like all supplements produced by Promix Nutrition this supplements is free from gums, gluten, soy, antibiotics, hormones, GMOs, fillers, glyscophosphate and anything artificial. An interesting addition to this pea protein powder is vitamin B12 with just one serving providing 200% of your daily requirements. This makes it an especially appealing supplement to those concerned about anaemia. There are 4 different flavouring options for this pea protein powder. These are chocolate, raw chocolate, vanilla and unflavored. The unflavored pea protein powder has a bland taste which is virtually tasteless. This makes it easy to consume and mix with other ingredients. It also has a smooth texture.

All of the protein powders are independently tested by a 3rd party.  With the testing data clearly displayed on the product page of their website. The chocolate and vanilla pea protein powders will be especially attractive to athletes as they are NSF Sport Certified. This means they are tested for over 280 substances prohibited in sporting competition. This is the only 3rd party certification recognised by USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency).  To be NSF Sport Certified the facility in which the supplement is manufactured made must be audited, with label claims verified, and pass an FDA toxicology test. Being NSF Sport Certified means a supplement is compliant with the rules of elite sporting organisations such as NFL, NBA, NHL, PGA, NASCAR and Ironman.

Out of the best pea protein powders analysed we believe this is the best supplement for any serious athletes who put performance as their primary goal.

Promix was founded by Albert Matheny. He is a registered dietitian who consults with all types of athletes from Olympic Gold medallists through to athletes at the high-school level. He founded Promix after being unable to find supplements with quality ingredients with science backed evidence for performance and safety.

This initial motivation to found Promix is clearly displayed in the available pea protein powders with the organic pea isolate used, the addition of vitamin B12 and the extensive testing the products undertake. The focus on providing premium supplement options for athletes is evident with the effort to get some of the protein powders NSF Sport Certified.

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Promix Vegan Protein Ingredients

Organic Pea Protein Isolate: This pea protein supplement is made from organic yellow split peas sourced from Canadian farms. The protein content of this supplement is 86.2% (25g of protein from a 29g serving). This gives this pea protein powder a protein content which is higher than most whey protein concentrate powders. As mentioned earlier scientific studies have found pea protein isolate to be similar to whey when it comes to promoting strength, performance, body composition, and muscular adaptations.

Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin): Methylcobalamin is a cobalamin, a form of vitamin B12. It is often used to treat individuals with vitamin B12 deficiency. This is the only ingredient other than organic pea protein isolate in this vegan protein supplement. Vitamin B12 is beneficial to the function of the brain and nervous system. It also helps with the production of red blood cells. This addition of this ingredient is likely to be of interest to individuals with anaemia and diabetes.

How To Take Promix Vegan Protein

Promix Vegan Protein is designed to supplement a healthy diet. It is advised to be used as a post workout protein shake, with smoothies, in baking or as shake between meals to meet protein goals. A serving is 2 scoops of powder totalling 29g with 25g being vegan protein. It is advised to mix these scoops with 12-16 fluid ounces of water or a non-dairy milk. Once added to the liquid of your choice you should blend shake or stir the mix until it is dissolved. This should take approximately 30 seconds.


• Organic Pea Protein Isolate.

• High In Vitamin B12.

• NSF Sport Certified Options.

• 25g of Protein and 5.2g of Branched Chain Amino Acids Per Serving.

• Testing Data Clearly Displayed.


• Low In The Essential Amino Acid Methionine.

• The Taste Of This Organic Protein Powder May Not Be Right For Some People (especially the unflavored variety).

Customer Reviews

Customers who have used Promix Vegan Protein have given extremely good feedback. With 99% of reviews being very positive. The versatility and smoothness of this shake are frequently mentioned by happy customers. The clean ingredients and ease of the supplement on the digestive system are also frequently commented on.

3. Naked Pea Protein : Best For Customization

Naked Pea Protein unflavored variety consists of only 1 ingredient, yellow peas. These yellow pea protein is grown on farms in the USA and Canada which following sustainable farming practices. The yellow pea protein is isolated using mechanical water extraction and is completely chemical free. The protein powder is independently 3rd party tested for heavy metals. Naked Pea is also free of additives and artificial sweeteners.

Naked Pea Protein is available unflavored, or flavored with chocolate or vanilla. The unflavored variety offers 27g of protein per 30g serving which equates to 90% protein content making it comparable to whey protein isolate supplements. However, the protein content of Naked Nutrition’s pea protein powders flavored with chocolate and vanilla have lower protein contents of approximately 66%. These flavors also have more calories per serving when compared to the unflavored variety.

All 3 varieties of Naked Pea Protein are vegan certified. They have also been certified by “Informed Choice Trusted By Sport”. This means each supplement has been tested monthly for banned substances. This certification ensures the purity of the ingredients in the supplements and help athletes make informed purchasing decisions.

This is one of best pea protein powders on the market. And we would recommend it for anyone who wants to have the choice of what is added to their protein supplement.

Naked Nutrition was founded by former All-American cross country and track athlete Stephen Zieminski. The reason he decided to start Naked Nutrition was he found many other protein powders contained ingredients which offered little nutritional value. He believed people trying to live a healthy lifestyle were being marketed health by supplement companies when in fact this was not the case.

The premise of Naked Nutrition was to allow the customer to control the flavor and the nutrition they have from the supplement. This is done by offering each supplement unflavored and with flavor given the customer the choice if they want to add flavoring. Or to keep the supplement in the most natural state possible.

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Naked Pea Ingredients

Yellow Pea Protein: Naked Pea only use yellow pea protein grown on farms in the United States and Canada which following; sustainable farming practices. In the unflavored variety of this protein powder this is the only ingredient used.

Organic Coconut Sugar (Chocolate and Vanilla Flavor Only): Coconut sugar is to sweeten the pea isolate for improved taste. Coconut sugar is a natural sugar made from coconut palm sap.This sugar retains some nutrients found in the coconut palm. This includes minerals iron, zinc, calcium and potassium. Some short-chain fatty acids and antioxidants. It also contains the fibre inulin.

Organic Cacao Powder (Chocolate Flavor Only): Used to provide chocolate flavoring to the pea protein. Raw cacao beans do not taste very chocolatey. Before being used as a powder they go through processing. Once harvested they go through several steps; fermentation, drying, roasting, crushing, drying and grinding.

Natural Vanilla Flavor (Vanilla Flavor Only): Used to provide vanilla flavoring to the pea protein.

How To Take Naked Pea

Like all supplements Naked Pea is designed to be used to complement a healthy diet. It can be consumed in shakes, smoothies and baked into recipes. Naked Nutrition advise to use their pea protein powder in the morning, before or after a workout.

Each serving consists of two scoops and is advised to be mixed with 6 to 10 ounces of water or non-dairy milk. Fruit and vegetables are advised to be added to provide flavor if the unflavored variety of this protein powder is used.

Additionally, the mixing of this supplement with Naked Peanut Butter Powder or Naked Rice is recommended for those wanting to enhance flavor or require a protein shake which contains good levels of all the essential amino acids. The combination of pea and rice proteins will give a complete amino acid profile. 


• Zero Additives & Added Sugar.

• Independently 3rd Party Tested & Informed Choice Trusted By Sport.

• Low Sodium Content For A Pea Protein Powder.

• Naked's Unflavored Pea Protein Powder Has A 90% Protein Content.

• No Unnecessary Ingredients Used.


• Low In The Amino Acid Methionine.

• Chalky Texture.

• An Aftertaste Which May Be Unpleasant For Some People.

Customer Reviews

Naked Pea has overwhelmingly positive feedback based of over 1000 reviews. The use of just a single ingredient with no additives (including natural ones) is a very popular feature of this supplement. Along with the low sodium content when compared to many pea protein powders.

4. Micro Ingredients Organic Pea Protein

Micro Ingredients Organic Pea Protein Powder is grown in North America. It is USDA organic approved and comes with a 90% protein content of 27g of protein per 30g serving. This pure pea protein is completely raw and organic with no added ingredients or flavoring.

Micro Ingredients are a raw and pure nutrition ingredients supplier from California. Their motto is “Your Health, Our Priority!”. They aim to deliver the most premium, original and pure ingredients in powder form. Their powders are free of fillers, additives, preservatives, binders, artificial coloring and flavors. Every ingredient they supply comes complete with USA lab report tests. Micro Ingredients happily provide free digital copies of any lab reports upon request. Every ingredient used by Micro Ingredients is certified as USDA organic.

Micro Ingredients Pea Protein Ingredients

Organic Yellow Pea Protein: Yellow pea protein grown on North American farms is the only ingredient in this protein powder. This is a raw organic plant based protein with no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors and no GMO's.

How To Take Micro Ingredients Organic Pea Protein

Micro Ingredients Organic Pea Protein is intended to be used as a supplement to a healthy diet. Two scoops for a total of 30g should be added to you beverage of choice. A minimum of 10 ounces of liquid is advised for best results. Additionally this protein powder can be added to food sources such as oatmeal to provide a protein boost.


• Low In Sodium For A Pea Protein Powder.

• USDA Organic Approved.

• High Protein Content of 90%.

• Good Digestibility.


• Low In The Essential Amino Acid Methionine.

• The Taste Of This Protein Powder May Not Be For Everyone.

Customer Reviews

Micro Ingredients Organic Pea Protein Powder is very popular amongst its users. They have left very positive feedback regarding their experience. The main positive comments revolve around the clean ingredients, smooth creamy texture and the ease of digestion. The only negative comments revolved around the the packaging and the smell/taste of the powder. With regards to the smell/taste of the product we feel this is more of a feature rather than a negative. The reason for this is pure protein powders with no flavoring do not have the luxury of enhancing taste with other ingredients.

5. Now Sports Pea Protein

NOW Sports Pea Protein is a non-GMO supplement with a protein content of approximately 75%. It is made entirely from yellow pea protein isolate and comes in its pure form, unflavored. It mixes easily and is highly digestible. This protein powder is thoroughly tested and is approved by a range of organisations including; "Informed Sport" and the "Non GMO Project". It is completely free of artificial sweeteners including aspartame, sucralose and acesulfame-K. However, it does contain xylitol which is a sugar alcohol. Xylitol has  been linked to causing stomach problems for some people after taking both whey and plant based protein powders.

NOW has the mission to provide value in their products to empower people to live healthier lives. It is a family run business which has being manufacturing health products since 1968.

NOW Sports Pea Protein Ingredients

Yellow Pea Protein: Now Sports protein is derived from non-GMO yellow peas.

Cocoa Powder (Chocolate Flavor Only): This is used to add flavoring to the chocolate flavored pea isolate.

Xylitol: This is a natural sugar alcohol which is used as sugar substitute. It is derived from plants and can be found in many fruits and vegetables. Xylitol may not be suitable for everyone as it has been linked to stomach issues.

Stevia Leaf Extract: This supplement makes use of stevia leaf extract some of which is organic. Stevia is a natural sweetener used to improve the taste of this supplement.

Xanthan Gum: This is a food additive created when sugar which is fermented by a bacteria. It’s a soluble fiber and is commonly used to thicken or stabilize supplements. The sugar used in the production of this gum may come from wheat, corn, soy or dairy which means those with allergies may want to consult with a medical professional before taking any food sources containing Xanthan gum.

How To Take NOW Sports Pea Protein

NOW Sports Pea Protein is recommended to be used daily. 2 level scoops for a total of 20g should be added to 6 ounces of water or your preferred beverage. The solution should be stirred or blended until smooth.


• 24g of Protein Per Serving.

• Approved By Informed Sport.

• Non GMO.

• No Aspartame, No Sucralose, No Acesulfame-K.


• Contains Xyitol.

• The Taste Of This Protein Powder May Not Be For Everyone.

• Processed In China

Customer Reviews

Customers who have reviewed Now Sports Pea Protein have provided a lot of positive feedback. The consensus amongst the majority of reviews is this is a great protein powder if you are focused on nutritional profile rather than tase and texture. As mentioned above Xyitol may cause stomach complaints and there were some negative reviews regarding stomach discomfort.

Summary On The Best Pea Protein Powders

We hope you have found this review of our top 5 pea protein powders useful. We have found each of these 5 supplements to be of a very high standard. For most people, we recommend Future Kind Vegan Protein as the best pea protein powder. The reason for this is we believe it to be the most well rounded pea protein on the market, because of its added ingredients and complete amino acid profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is Pea Protein Powder Made?

A best pea protein powders will be made from pea protein isolate. The source of the protein as the name suggests comes from peas. But not the peas you may think. The protein comes from yellow peas. The protein from the yellow peas are isolated from the starch and fibre. This is done by first dying out the yellow peas then milling them down into a fibre. As it is water soluble wet filtration and centrifugation is used to isolate the protein. The protein is then precipitated to its isoelectric point. This leave a beige coloured powder. Some protein powders are left with this natural pea protein powder. However, some have ingredients added to provide flavour. Another reason for this is to provide a complete amino acid profile or additional health benefits. When additions are made an ingredient high in methionine is most often used to give a protein supplement with a complete amino acid profile.

Is Pea Protein Isolate Dairy Free?

Yes, pea protein is dairy free. However, with most manufactures the protein powder will be manufactured in a facility which handles dairy products.

Is Pea Protein Suitable For Vegans And Vegetarians?

Yes, pea protein supplements are plant based protein powders, they are suitable for both vegans and vegetarians. Many pea protein powders are vegan certified.

Is Pea Protein Keto Friendly?

Yes, pea protein is keto friendly. It has a low carbohydrate value per serving.

Are Organic Pea Protein Powders Available?

Yes, there are several organic pea protein powders. If you check the labelling many pea protein supplements are certified as organic and non-GMO.

Can Pea Protein Assist With Muscle Gain And Strength?

Yes, pea protein assists with strength and growth in muscle thickness. Studies have found pea isolate to produce similar results as whey protein. to maximise gains in muscle tissue and strength research has found combining protein supplementation with resistance training produces the best results.

Can Pea Protein Help Individuals With A Protein Deficiency?

Yes, any protein supplement can help with a protein deficiency. If combined with a healthy diet, protein supplementation can help individuals achieve their daily protein requirements.

Can Pea Protein Help Boost Iron Levels?

Yes, pea protein is naturally high in iron. One serving of a good pea protein supplement will have approximately 45% of the recommended daily iron allowance. This makes pea protein a good way to top up iron levels.

Can Pea Protein Help With Weight Loss?

Yes, pea protein like any form of protein can help with weight loss. Consuming more protein contributes to increased satiety and helps with the preservation of lean muscle mass. However, to lose weight, the primary factor is maintaining a calorie deficit.