Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss

Written by Carina Fabia

Last updated on: Sep 27, 2022

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Although often thought of a muscle building supplement, protein powder is also proven to assist with weight loss. It is known to help promote satiety which is an often-overlooked aspect of weight loss. Increased satiety means you will fill fuller and be more likely to maintain the all-important calorie deficit required for successful weight loss. Additionally, taking protein powder means you are more likely to maintain muscle mass which will make you look better when you hit your desired weight.

Below we have looked at some of the best protein powders to support the goal of losing weight. Here we have analysed each protein powder looking at factors such as; the calorie count, protein level, the protein source, essential amino acids levels, taste, texture and the quality of ingredients. To help you find the best protein supplement for you we have compiled a ranked list of the top 5 protein powders for weight loss. Read on to find out more…

Protein powder is a versatile supplement for people looking to achieve a higher level of physical fitness. For those who desire bigger muscles, the protein provides them with the building blocks necessary to improve strength. However, protein powder can also be used for weight-loss purposes. Since not every protein powder is equal, though, it takes a careful consumer to compare and contrast. And after much consideration, we've come up with a list of the best. 

How Protein Powder Works for Weight Loss 

Protein is a large, complex molecule found in various plant and animal sources. It's a necessary part of your diet because your body tissue and organs require it for structure and function. Some body tissue and organs require it for regulation purposes as well. 

As a general rule, a protein powder can help some people lose weight since protein can help a person feel fuller for longer when compared to carbohydrates (1). As a result, a person is more likely to eat less food, seeing how they aren't hungry for a longer period of time. 

For someone who doesn't get an adequate source of protein from other means, a protein powder can be highly beneficial in general and for weight loss purposes. Even people who receive a decent amount of protein and want to lose weight could benefit. 

However, the use of a protein powder along with proper diet and exercise are necessities. Protein powder isn't a miracle weight loss formula but can work to help you feel fuller longer to get your appetite in check (1).  

Not all protein powders are equal. They contain different levels of protein, and the quality of the protein also varies. 

When compared to other products on the market, the protein powders in our top list showed attributes which set them apart from the rest, such as a high-quality ingredients, low calorie count, good digestibility and the ability to be used as a supplement for special diets such as gluten-free and keto. No matter which protein powder you choose, though, they can all help you enhance your weight loss efforts and possibly lose more weight. 

Our Best Rated Protein Powder For Weight Loss List

1. Future Kind Vegan Protein Powder

Future Kind Vegan Protein Powder is a plant-based protein, meaning it doesn't contain any meat products (2). Additionally, it's hypo-allergenic, which means it contains little to no potential allergens to trigger an allergic reaction in a person(3). 

Research conducted on the quality of the protein indicated it's similar in quality to whey -- a high-quality protein removed during milk production. It's known to promote muscle growth, among other benefits (4). 

The pea protein will help you feel full longer, thus reducing how you eat and decreasing your caloric intake. Besides pea protein, the chocolate flavor also consists of hemp protein. And not only does this ingredient help you feel full longer, but it also contains minerals, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids. All of which are beneficial to a well-balanced diet. 

Even if you're primary objective of consuiming extra protein is to induce satiety to support weight loss, you can also benefit because it helps preserve your muscle mass. The way protein works for muscles relies on the fact, protein consists of amino acids. They're organic compounds which your body needs to build and maintain muscle and perform various functions, like regulating digestive function and controlling your wake-sleep cycle. When you exercise and acquire enough of these compounds after, it assists in reversing the damage. 

This product comes in two different flavors: vanilla and chocolate. The vanilla has a lower calorie content. But, while the chocolate flavor is higher in calories, it has additional nutrients to optimize its health benefits. With this being said, each one has a unique profile, so be sure to compare the two options carefully since it's not just a matter of flavor preference. 

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Future Kind Vegan Protein Powder Ingredeints

Organic Pea Protein Isolate: This protein powder uses organic American yellow split peas. The protein is isolated from the yellow split peas. Both the starch and fibre is removed. The result is a low number of lectins, no sugar and no saturates. The isolated pea protein content is typically around 75%. With the vanilla flavor of supplement the level is just over 73%. And the chocolate flavor is slightly lower protein content of 67% due to added ingredients, however this is more than compensated with a full amino acid profile. And the extra health benefits these added ingredients provide. Research has found pea protein isolate to be similar to whey when it comes to promoting strength, performance, body composition, and muscular adaptations.

Organic Hemp Protein (Chocolate Flavour Only): This is a raw organic protein source and undergoes very little manufacturing. The hemp seeds are collected then ground into a fine brownish-green powder. This removes around 90% of the seeds oil content. The protein content of hemp is approximately 50%. 91-98% of hemp seed is digestible and it contains high levels of dietary fiber, unsaturated fats and antioxidants.

Alkalized Cocoa Powder (Chocolate Flavour Only): The benefit of using alkalized cocoa powder is it allows for improved solubility. This allows for it to dissolve more easily in liquid making for a smoother protein shake. Being alkalized also allows for a taste which is less bitter and acidic. The result is a more balanced chocolate flavour.

Sacha Inchi Protein (Chocolate Flavour Only): Sacha inchi is a fruit which produces geometric, star-shaped pods which contain large, edible seeds. These seeds are loaded with nutrients and provide several benefits. It is high in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, magnesium, fibre, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin E. Sacha inchi typically contains 3g of protein per 10g serving.

Milled Chia Seed (Chocolate Flavour Only): These seeds are high in fibre and omega-3 fatty acids. They also contain high levels of antioxidants and fibre. Studies have found chia seeds increase omega 3 bloods levels and improve blood sugar control.

Organic Stevia Leaf Extract (Rebaudioside A):  Stevia is promoted as a safe and healthy alternative to sugar. It is used to sweeten foods whilst avoiding the negative health effects linked to refined sugar. In comparison to sugar, stevia offers lower calories and reduced blood sugar levels.

Organic Guar Gum: Guar gum is used to thicken and stabilise food products. It is also associated with some health benefits in including assisting with digestion, weight management, add controlling blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

How To Take Future Kind Vegan Protien Powder

Future Kind Vegan Protein should be taken as a supplement to a healthy diet. It is recommended to take 1 or 2 protein shakes a day, depending on your own personal protein requirements. Normally 1 of these protein shakes will be taken before or after a workout. To take the powder simply mix 1 30g scoop with 12 ounces of water or a non-dairy liquid. Future Kind recommend unsweetened almond milk as the best alternative to water.

2. Xwerks Grow

Xwerks Grow is a high-quality protein powder, like the others that made the list, including our top spot. However, unlike our number one choice, Xwerks Grow consists of animal protein, restricting its use to non-vegans and non-vegetarians only. It has an incredibly high protein content. In every serving, you receive 25 grams of protein (5). Due to the clean protein from the grass-fed cows along with the processing, Xwerks Grow contains clean protein. It's easy to digest. Therefore, you receive the benefit of the protein sooner than you would with a product that didn't consist of protein of this stature. 

While it does contain meat, meat lovers can rejoice because it contains a whey isolate from grass-fed cows. For one, grass-fed cows produce milk that's more nutrient-rich. This is especially the case since grass is the main component of a cow's natural diet. 

Besides coming from grass-fed cows, the grass wasn't treated with any types of pesticides. The cows weren't given any hormones to stimulate growth or milk production, and they weren't given any antibiotics. This means that none of these ingredients could be passed to you through the milk protein. 

You need omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids given in a certain ratio. When the ratio is out of balance, it can trigger inflammation throughout the body(5). Fortunately, the amounts in milk from grass-fed cows is at a healthy balance, which minimizes inflammation and provides you with the nutrition necessary from the omega 3s and 6s. We should note that omega 3s are a requirement by every cell in your body. Your body also uses them as an energy source. And we should note that omega 3s are known to lower your likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease. You're also less at risk for blood clots when you ingest enough of these into your diet. This fatty acid is known to reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol. 

The filtration process removes the lactose, fats, and carbs, leaving you with nothing but wholesome protein. For this reason, it's even suitable for people who follow a keto diet. 

On the other hand, omega 6s are also a kind of polyunsaturated fat. While the fat from meat shouldn't be eaten in excess, at a healthy rate, the omega 6s in them can help to lower your cholesterol, which can ultimately reduce your risk of a stroke. Omega 6s are also known to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease because of this same reason. Studies also have shown that consuming omega 6s regularly can decrease your chances of diabetes and certain types of cancers. In addition, this fatty acid lessens nerve pain, encourages growth, and supports brain function. It's vital to note that omega 6 fatty acids regulate metabolism, meaning this particular dietary supplement can help you lose weight in more than one way. 

This product doesn't use ion exchange filtration. Instead, it uses a cold press process. Because of this, there's less chance of poor flow rates, poor backwashing, and blockage. 

Those who have a soy allergy or gluten allergy or sensitivity may use this product without a problem since it's free of both. For those worried about the dangers of artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners, this product could also be for you because it's free of all of those. 

You'll notice that this product doesn't clump and is available in four different flavors: chocolate, strawberry, peanut butter, and vanilla. It uses the ACID process, which stands for Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability. You'll notice that it doesn't use any bleach during the processing. 

The purity of it and sold refining process allow for easy digestion, minimizing bloating and other stomach upset (5). 

3. BPI Iso HD

With BIPI Iso HD protein powder, it's vital to know that it consists of whey protein. And as briefly noted above, this form of protein is high quality. Every scoop of this powder consists of 25 grams of this protein. For every scoopful, there's only one gram of carbs, making it an excellent source of protein without all the carbs that people on a diet are trying to avoid in many cases. 

Fortunately, ISO HD is ideal for people who are on a gluten-free diet. Due to the fact that it contains less lactose than other forms of whey, including when concentrate and whey blends, it's easier for a person to digest, though those with lactose intolerance may still struggle when using this particular product. To ensure quality, every container produced by the manufacturer undergoes third-party testing to ensure its quality. 

If you struggle to find a flavor of protein powder you enjoy, this product comes in chocolate brownie, peanut butter candy bar, vanilla cookie, and cookie and cream, which makes this an ideal option if you plan to make smoothies, milkshakes, or other similar items out of ISO HD. 

You should be aware that this product is comprised of artificial flavorings along with some natural ones. It also contains xanthin gum, which increases its thickness. Therefore, it makes a thick shake or other product. You should also be advised that it does contain soy and sunflower, so be careful if you have any allergies. 

This particular product has two different sweeteners: acesulfame potassium and sucralose. Both of them are zero-calorie sweeteners. Not to mention, the process to filter the whey removes most of the carbs, fat, and lactose, leaving you with little that you don't want. The protein is also leaner and more easily digestible (7).

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4. Cor Performance Whey

As briefly noted above, whey is a high-quality protein, and this protein powder consists of it. It's available in multiple flavors, including marshmallow peanut butter, chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate peanut butter, red velvet, cookies and cream, and strawberry milkshake. To give you an idea of how much these flavored products taste like compared to the desserts that inspired them, the peanut butter marshmallow is similar to a peanut butter-dipped rice crispy treat. This product contains both natural and artificial ingredients, so keep that in mind if you're trying to avoid those. 

While it does use natural sweeteners for taste, it doesn't have much in terms of real sugar content, which is beneficial if you're trying to lose weight. The sugar in the milk is actually purified. During the filtration process, the company also removes much of the fat content. The sodium and cholesterol amounts aren't horrible, but they're not wonderful, either. This is when you would need to make a decision if this product's moderate sodium and cholesterol content is worth all the other benefits. 

Unlike the previously mentioned products on this list, this one is a mix of a protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. Although this doesn't sound like a positive, it really is when you think about the benefits of each. Isolates are extremely low in carbs and fat. On the other hand, the whey concentrate is less expensive and has a higher carb and fat content. While the high carb and fat content seem a bit of a negative, it helps to cut the costs of the product since whey concentrate is cheaper than the isolate (8). 

Three ingredients of this product help it to stand out in the crowd: lactase, protease, and protease A-S. These digestive enzymes serve the purpose of breaking fats, proteins, and carbohydrates down (9). Specifically, the reason for these substances is to ensure your body breaks down the powder properly so you receive the full benefit of the powder, as it's broken down completely. Ultimately, the purpose of this ingredient inside this powder is to facilitate digestion. It may reduce any symptoms of indigestion, especially those coming from a problem digesting lactose. 

Despite all the positives of this one, make sure you're careful if you have any type of food allergies or sensitivities to lactose, peanuts, or soy. The product contains all of these. Though it's a gluten-free product, you still may want to steer clear of this one if you have a severe allergy to wheat. Those with a soy allergy may want to avoid it as well. The company does use these ingredients in manufacturing, meaning there's a possibility of cross-contamination. 

Another noteworthy feature of this protein powder includes its ability to mix well. Some powders are grainy, but not this one. It also doesn't froth up, but it does have a thick texture (9). 

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5. Naked Grass Fed Whey

If you're trying to stay full for longer, Naked Grass Fed Whey just might be the best option for you. It increases satiety, allowing you to feel fuller for longer. Therefore, you're less likely to snack or pick in between meals. As a result, you may be able to cut your caloric intake. Besides its ability to fill you up, it promotes muscle growth, making it so you can burn fat when your body is at rest. 

All of the dairy used to create this product comes from a small farm in California. It's there that all the cows are fed grass throughout the year rather than any unnatural substances. Though in the form of silage (pre-cut grasses) once it cools down for the year, all the dairy cows used to produce milk for this product aren't given any supplementation to enhance their growth. We should note that the grass, throughout all seasons of the year, never has any insecticides or other harmful ingredients on it. This ultimately affects the quality and quantity of their milk. 

The cows used to produce the dairy in this product aren't given any growth hormones to speed up or enhance their growth and development. Therefore, if you're worried about ingesting growth hormones in the meat and dairy products you consume, you'll be happy to know that this isn't one of them. 

Another concern you may have for the products you use is the additives and artificial colors since some of those are known to cause reproductive issues and have been linked to certain cancers. Naked Whey doesn't contain any of these ingredients but still has a delicious flavor. Fortunately, this product also doesn't have any genetically modified organisms in it, which have also been known to have negative health implications. 

If you opt for this product, you'll be happy to know that it's rich in protein. In fact, it's comprised of 25 grams of it. For this with a soy allergy or sensitivity, this product is ideal because it's completely soy free. 

While other products in general, and even on this list, have additives and more than one ingredient, this particular product only has one ingredient -- whey protein. 

Although it only has one ingredient, that one is nutrient-dense. It contains vitamin A, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron. 

This product has a small amount of sugar and carbohydrates that couldn't be filtered during processing. The amount is minuscule when you compare it to other products. Therefore, even though it contains some, it's not in a high enough quantity to hinder your diet. It'll still help your diet because it's rich in protein. 

Summary Of The Best Protein Powders For Weight Loss

We hope you have found this review of our top 5 protein powders for weight loss informative. We have found each of these supplements to be of an excellent standard. For most people, we recommend Future Kind Vegan Protein as the best protein powder for weight loss. We believe it to be an extremely well-rounded supplement. It’s core ingredient pea protein has been found to suppress appetite more effectively than other protein powders. And research has proven it to produce similar results to whey. Combined with added ingredients with good levels of essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants. This protein powder will help you make your weight loss journey a successful one.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss 

We did pick our favorite after conducting a comprehensive analysis of many of the products on the market. Though we had our reasons for choosing them, you could benefit from understanding the most frequently asked questions to provide you with insight when choosing the best protein powder for weight loss for you. 

How Do I Pick the Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss?

There isn't one specific answer that works for everyone. It depends on a variety of factors. 

For instance, you want to consider the price because it needs to be something you can afford to purchase as necessary to ensure you can continue on your diet. The price can't be the only factor you consider, though, since a number of variables affect the quality and who should use each product. 

Above price, be sure to take into consideration food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities. You need to carefully check the labels for ingredients like lactose, soy, and peanuts. It's vital to take this one step further and look into what that particular manufacturing company processes to see if there's a risk of cross-contamination, that is if you have a more serious allergy. Don't just consider your allergies, either; consider any diets you follow as well, such as vegetarian, vegan, or keto. You'll find that there's a range of products that suit different diets. 

The quality of the protein is also a necessary factor to weigh when choosing between products. Some products consist of whey protein, which is the highest quality of protein. Others consist of a lesser quality of protein or are a blend. Though this can affect your price, it could affect how well your body breaks down the protein. It also could be the difference between the protein filling you up and curbing your hunger for a few hours, and it doing nothing to affect your appetite. 

As you're comparing, look at the different flavors. You want to choose the one you like so you're more likely to use the product on a regular basis. 

What Exactly Is Grass-Fed Protein?

In today's world, many farmers feed their animals genetically modified grains, including soy and corn. This is because it's a cheaper alternative than trying to feed the animals their natural diets. Unfortunately, when the farmers grow soy and corn, they use pesticides and fertilizers, both of which can contain pesticides that aren't healthy for human consumption. 

Grass-fed animals are fed grass during the spring and summer. Once it cools off, they hay. Whatever their diet, the farmers aren't using any harmful toxins to keep away the pests and stop decay. 

Do They Make Gluten-Free Protein Powder?

Some protein powders do contain wheat, which would make them unsuitable as part of a gluten-free diet. You, however, can find versions that don't contain any wheat, making it ideal for a gluten-free diet. 

How Does Protein Powder Help With Weight Loss?

Protein powder isn't a solution solely for weight loss solution, nor does it work on its own. It must be used with diet and exercise for you to see the optimal level of results. What it does do is keep you full for longer because it fills up your stomach and takes longer for your body to break down than carbohydrates.

The powder helps with muscle building as well, so you can exercise and build larger muscles while reducing your fat percentage. 

Protein powder can work in another way as well. Sometimes, there are extra ingredients that boost your metabolism. 

How Do I Use Powder Protein Supplements?

Typically, you add a scoopful of the protein powder to the food you'd like to consume it with. For instance, you can add the powder to a milkshake, smoothie, yogurt, or oatmeal. You may even include it in waffle or pancake batter. 

As a general rule, you only need one scoopful to receive all the benefits of it, but make sure you read before you begin using it. 

When Is the Best Time to Use Protein Powder?

Most people believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It's thought of as the meal that gives you the energy from the day. However, every meal you eat is important and should contain a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and nutrients. Therefore, you can have your protein powder in the morning as a shake, or you can enjoy it on your lunch break at work or as a quick snack in between work and home in the afternoon. You could even have it at dinnertime. 

Having a protein shake or other item with the protein after a workout could help with the rebuilding of your muscle tissue. It helps to use it immediately after a workout for optimal results since, typically, it works in about 30 minutes after you ingest it. 

Should You Add Protein Powder to a Well-Balanced Diet?

Only a nutritionist can tell you for certain if you're getting enough protein and other nutrients in your diet through the foods you eat alone, especially if you have any health conditions that affect your absorption. If you worry you don't get enough protein or would like to see if protein powder could be for you, you'll be pleased to know that the absorption rate of whey protein is higher than those of fish and other protein-rich foods.